Christmas raffle 2021

End the year on a high with the chance to win £5,000 this Christmas!

Welcome to Moorfields Eye Charity's Christmas raffle

Make this Christmas one to remember by entering our Christmas raffle today for your chance to win £5,000! It only costs £1 to play!

By entering you not only have a chance to win one of several amazing cash prizes, you will also be making a huge difference to the lives of Moorfields patients by supporting our mission to deliver the best eye care, research, and training possible. Every ticket purchased makes a huge difference.

In 2020, our raffle raised over £75,000 to make a difference to the lives of people living with sight loss, and we would love your help to make this figure even greater for 2021.

Enter now for a chance to win one of our fabulous prizes:

  • 1st prize = £5,000
  • 2nd prize = £750
  • 3rd prize = £125 x 10 winners

Plus, if you enter by 22 October 2021, you will automatically qualify for a chance to win our ‘early bird’ prize of a fabulous Fortnum and Mason Christmas hamper!

How to enter

Entering the raffle couldn’t be easier, simply click this link or go to the “enter now” tab at the top of this page.

You can buy up to 40 tickets for yourself, each one giving you an extra chance to win one of our amazing prizes.

The prizes are fabulous, and the cause is important – so what are you waiting for!

Closing and draw date

The closing date is Friday 10 December 2021 and the draw takes place on Friday 17 December 2021. After the draw, we’ll contact you if you’re one of our lucky winners and announce the winning tickets online.

What is it like to win?

Previous winner

Samuel Diamond

I have a lifelong connection with Moorfields – I was born with sight problems and have attended the hospital since childhood. Through many operations and procedures, Moorfields has become a big part of my life and I am incredibly thankful for all the care they have given me.I was amazed I actually won in the raffle! It was something I never expected as I was just happy to enter and support Moorfields. I couldn’t wait to share the news with my family and it was such a lovely surprise which really brightened my day! My wife and I had just recently had a baby boy, so put the winnings towards things for the baby – it was wonderful to treat him and so helpful as new babies are quite expensive!I think Moorfields Eye Charity raffle is such a worthy cause and should be on everyone’s donation list. Their work and research in the eye care field is outstanding and without this wonderful service so many people could end up losing their sight. I would recommend anyone to support Moorfields Eye Charity and raise their profile, it just makes sense to keep your most important sense and donating to Moorfields will help us all.

Previous winner

Lucy Waitt

My connection to Moorfields comes from the treatment they gave my mum. I’ve also participated in a research study at Moorfields, as well as visited A&E following an eye injury. They have helped protect my sight and stop my mum’s condition progressing – you cannot underestimate what sight means to people and their families. How lucky we are to have healthcare like this.It felt amazing to win as I do not often win things! I didn’t enter expecting to, but I’ve put the winnings to one side to go towards a staycation – I love a trip!To anyone considering entering the raffle, I would say do it! The proceeds go towards a great cause, and you never know when you or someone you care about could need expert care from Moorfields. Also, you might just win!
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